Spectacular, yet gloomy...

Ever so eventful.

Sir Potholder of Dalmasca


Ronsencock is female, old enough to drink, UR MOM, obsessed with: Vergil (DMC) Basch fon Ronsenburg (FFXII) Balthier Bunansa (FFXII) Travis Touchdown (NMHs) Credo (DMC) Guy Cecil (TOA), Magoichi Saika (SW), ALL OF THE ASSASSIN'S CREED BOYS EVER ♥, plenty of others my brain just fails, RPs way too much, is a lazy bitch, has lizards as pets, names all her stuff after game characters she likes (LAME), bi (more towards her fellow womenz) and not afraid to let others know, considers microwaving things cooking, hates doing dishes, has nerdy emo glasses, cameras are bad, so are phones.

Enjoys the gay, and thus has favorite pairings: Basch x Balthier (FFXII) Vossler x Basch (FFXII) Dante x Vergil (DMC) Dante x Credo (DMC) Cao Cao x Sun Ce which makes no sense I know (DW) Nobunaga x Mitsuhide (SW) Magoichi x Hideyoshi (SW), Altair x Malik (AC), Ezio x Leonardo (AC), Altair x Kadar (AC), and plenty of others, more brain fail till later.

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